Wednesday, July 25, 2007

He's walking...

N is walking, he can walk 6 steps all on his own, without holding onto anything! GoodJob! N!

1st Birthday!

N's 1st birthday was a bit small. But we enjoyed it, K loved to sing Happy Birthday and still sings it everytime K goes to play with N's birthday toys. We decided to have Ice Cream sandwiches, since I found some soy ones for K, I thought it would be different. But N wouldn't eat it, I didn't understand what was wrong, was it to cold? Nope, he just needed his spoon. Once he got his spoon he dived right in. Thanks to all who sent cards and gifts, and who phoned. It made our little party brighter.

Chance to sail.....

Finally J's long over due sail trip.

The sail boat got to see its first water in over 4 years. We got together with some of J's friends from work and had a blast. It was hard work, but worth it.

K even got to go on it for one trip around. While N just played all day at the beach.

Petting Zoo

J's Hospital is next to a petting zoo, so on a Saturday that J was on call, K,N, and I got bored. We went to visited J at the Hospital and then we decided to have fun. K,N, and I went to this little run down zoo, but we had fun. There were horses, cows, chickens, etc.. all the things you would see at the farm. K and N loved it. K liked the Horses the most, and N loved the Chickens.

What a Party!

N and K got invited to their friend's first birthday party, and it was a party alright. Three different pools, a pinata, lunch,and cupcakes. They had so much fun.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Nathan's up to...

Nathan is going to be one on the 22nd and is up to everything and getting into everything. He loves to crawl up the stairs and gets stuck at the top. Crawls to get into the pots and pans and bang them. He truly is getting big 100% in his height and 50% weight (23lbs), but most of all he has 12 teeth! Yes 12, his molars are in (before age one amazing) he had a tough week and he still is his bottoms are still breaking through. The first thing anyone ever says to me is wow! he has alot of teeth, then it's he's a big boy.
He now is feeding him self with a spoon, without spilling or flipping it everywhere, I still have to hold the bowl but he is working on holding that himself. He can drink from a normal cup without spilling too. We are proud of him, less cleanup. He also is almost there on walking, he walks with the furniture but hasn't dare let go yet. Nathan loves cars and throwing balls into buckets and reading books with his sister. His favorite food is everything. He is my smiler and fluffy hugger, I love his chub so comfy to hug, but hard to carry everywhere.

Karlie's update...

Karlie is growing up so fast 2 1/2 yrs old. She loves to talk and ask why. It's hard for me to get out of church, because she has to stop and talk to everyone. She is our adventurous one, always getting into trouble, in playgroup all the moms are amazed at some of the stuff she dares to do. This week we finally accomplished pee training, we haven't ever had a night wet or nap or poo accidents since she was 17 months old. But pee she just couldn't get that you need to stop what you're doing and run! But I think we have it, no accidents this week. Her favorite thing to do this week is bake and help cook. She also loves to clean up her toys, she gets mad if I tell her to just leave them out we are in a hurry. Her favorite food for a long time is oatmeal and frozen peas ( not cooked just frozen). She loves to count to 20 and sing her ABC's. My favorite thing about Karlie this month is her prayers, they're so cute, they do last long, J.R. has a hard time having patience, because she blesses everything, her fork, brothers fork, place mats, etc..... She teaches us to be thankful for everything.

Shanna's up to...

Being a single parent. Which is why there are no pictures of her.

What's J.R. doing....

Well after graduation, he went on to do his family medicine residency, which is hard. Last night was his first night running the hospital all by himself. He's on Q3 which means he does a 24-34 hour shift every third day. Yep, we never see J.R. unless he is sleeping. He has to work holidays too, but he's learning a lot. And we are all so proud of him.

We love New Jersey

We are so excited to be here. It's a wonderful, beautiful state with so much to do. Big stuff is 35 mins from the ocean, 40 from NYC, Boston, and Phillie. We have been partying the past two weeks. Well the kids and I, J.R. is doing his residencie at Hunterdon Medical Hospital, and we all know that is no J.R. for a long time. We are in two playgroups, in Library story time, on Wedneday nights there is outdoor family movies in town at a 1770 year old ice cream shop. On Friday's there is family sock hops with a live band (people even dress up 50's. Every night there is something fun, and I don't mind going by myself with the kids such a freindly town. The Main street was built in 1750-1770 and it's been kept up to look so, so very cute. And most nights you can see three or four Hot Air Balloon travels in the sky. We truley loved it here.

On our way to New Jersey

It took us over 15 hour drive to get to New Jersey. So in the middle we decided to stop and spend the night in a hotel. More so, because J.R. was the one driving the car with the kids. I was loving the drive in the other car in peace.

Their moving in!

Just as we were moving out, the sacaydia (don't know the true spelling) moved in
they were everywhere, nasty.

J.R. BECOMES J.R. Benson D.O

JR, Karlie, Nathan and I with some of our friends all graduating from Medical school. YEAH!