Monday, August 23, 2010

J.R.'s new job

J.R. got a job here in NJ. Working with Dr. Fuhrman M.D. who is a Disease Prevention Specialist. J.R. loves his job, he works with patients only 3 days a week and only one an hour. The other two days his working on research and typing up book. His job is only 9:30am to 5:30pm. and has no call and no weekends. We are so very lucky. (here is his website, if you look under medical staff you'll J.R.)

Graduation!! Finally!

After 7 long years of medical school and residency. It's finally over. J.R. is the most excited his been going to school for 12 years counting college (undergrad).
It's been long, but well worth it, I think.... Our family I believe is closer because of it. We had to push ourselves to the limit plus give a little more to help the other person. We are so happy. J.R. had a wonderful Residency Class they all got along and had fun together.
He also got the teacher/service award of the year! We are so proud.

Papa and J.R.

J.R.'s dad flew out for his graduation from Residency. It was so fun to have him visit and spend sometime with him. I think it's been over a year since that last time we spent time with him.

Fun day at the Library

Our Library system here in NJ is great. They have kept us busy all summer long. 2 twice a week story time (we only made to one a week) craft days, and every Thursday a fun event, like bubble man, a petting zoo, music, etc...
These pictures are of an event were they talk about reptiles, J.R.'s dad actually came to visit us and took them to it. I didn't go I'll I would have more to tell you about the pictures. I did learn from the kids that the turtle shell has feeling and when you tickle the top of his shell he wiggles around.