Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is here!

I love that spring is here. Here are some pictures of my handsome boys.

Aliens from another planet

Our little Valentine Day Party

Karlie loves to dress up and parties. She planned and put it together. We had great fun making little pizzas, though Karlie took a little to long making sure hers were perfect, we played some games. It was a great valentines day.

The biggest snow storm of the century

It was so fun, we usually only get a couple of inches that last a day or two then melt away and only a couple of times in the winter. But this year was so fun, we got the tons of snow (only two feet, those of you from the Midwest and west are probably laughing right now) but it's the most we have had since 1850. We enjoy every minute of it, along with some friends.

Our first snow fall in Dec

I'm so behind... I don't know what happened.....