Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Miracle Baby

The reason why I call my beautiful healthy number four baby a Miracle is because to me he is. I didn't think I could have anymore, I was so happy after having 2 miscarriages to finally carry this one to term. My first miscarriage was at 11 weeks, the most horrible thing I have ever gone through. It is not only physical pain, but so emotional, especially when I got to see the little thing, it had arms.... anyway then my second one went until 9 weeks. The doctor told me that because my Endometriosis had spread. I most likely couldn't have anymore.

Now you know why he was a miracle. My healthy baby boy, Zachary R. Benson March 12. He had the easiest deliveries ever!! But boy was he big 8lbs 10 oz. I knew he was going to be big but not that big. I love him.. Though it was hard for Karlie, she prayed for three years for a sister. She was so sad that it was a boy. But now she loves him so much and takes care of him.


So I think I finally caught up a little. Here is my big belly one week over due with our baby #4

Monday, August 6, 2012

Went to a petting farm at the Library. Nathan saw a girl from school and hid, all red face. So I ask him, is that your girlfriend? He didn't answer. The girl Yuki chases him down and says Hi Nathan! He just freezes. She had to come up to him and drag him to see the animals. So cute. Gavin (my 3 y old) said mom! I have a girlfriend...who's that. He points to this old lady in overalls, straw hat holding a pig, by a tractor. I said her...pointing to her. Yes! I love her... she drives tractors.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gavins Birthday

Oops out of order. Gavin's 3rd Birthday, we went to a huge truck party at a park by our house. They had fire engines, bulldozers, street sweepers, every kind of truck you can think of, but of course the best one was the garbage truck. And Gavin got to go inside and pretend to be his dream a garbage man.

Here is our Christmas....

Our cute little town has Santa come on a fire Engine to every house. My kids wait up in their PJ's just to sit in the cold on his lap for a candy cane.