Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that came, phone, and sent gifts to Karlie. She loved all of it.

Happy Birthday Karlie!

We had a early birthday party for Karlie. It was a fun Costume/ Halloween party. We had so much fun, especially since they are all are little older. We got too pin the nose on the pumpkin, do a cake walk, find the eye in the guts, and the best games was the treasure hunt. I loved to see Karlie and Nathan having so much fun.
The funny thing was that two nights before, and day, I had contractions 3 to 5 minutes appart. I was so worried about canceling the party. I went to the doctor, she said it could come if I wanted it to. I told her no not until after the party. So she put me on bedrest. But now the party is over, and I have had no contractions....part of me wishes I just went in a had it. Now this week in slow and I want the baby to come, but it doesn't look like it wants to now.


We finally decided to go camping. It was so pretty, with the beautiful trees all full of color. The kids loved it. The only complaint I had was, that I'm due soon, I had to get up, in the cold and dark. And try to find and make it to a bathroom every hour all night. I guess, I would be up anyway, since I was sleeping on a pile of rocks. But it was still fun to just be together in the nice outdoors as a family.

A nice day for a walk

We went to Hunterdon County Arboretum and went on some a scavanger hunt that was so fun, I love the fall season.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pirate and Princess Party!

We got bored so we invited some friends over for a fun Pirate and Princess, party last week. The kids loved it, the treasure hunt went well, Karlie and Nathan were so funny, both trying to be the leader of the pack. I'm surprised that the other kids always follow them. But they both fight and fight on who tells who what to do. I feel bad for their new brother that's coming, he's going to have two bossy/motherly older siblings. I'll have to post the pic's later.

Our 4 and 2 year old pics

We finally made it down to Jcpenny's to use their wonderful $7.99 coupon. I usually do this every year, but this year it took me awhile to actually do it.
Karlie did a great job smiling for the camera, but Nathan, cried the whole time. It was so hard picking a picture and finding one that didn't have tears.
But I guess the both turned out okay. I can't believe how big they are getting.