Monday, March 30, 2009

1st meal

J.R. and I decided he was ready for solids.
I usually try and wait until 6 months. But every meal time, Gavin would throw a major fit. I was giving him a carrot to chew on. But that only kept him quite for awhile. He did great, didn't spit anything out ate it all up, just like Nathan. My boys are great eaters.

My scooter and roller

I thought Karlie was active, but I was wrong. This boy is only 4 1/2 months old, and already scoots or rolls everywhere, he keeps me on my toes! I'm so scared for him to start crawling and climbing.

4 months

He's growing up so much, he just started rolling, and sitting up (with a little of support.

Snuggle with Dad

My kids love their bedtime stories with dad. But I think we need to invest in a bigger rocking chair.

Valentine Party!!

Karlie loves dressing up for her parties.

The next day....

This was a pic in Feb 9th the next day after our snow storm.