Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A pleasant day

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The chores have began...

K is doing so well with her chores. Not only does she set the whole table for supper, cleans up all her toys, put her folded clothes away, she now folds all the wash clothes and hand towels, the best part is that she loves doing it. She also helps put sheets on her bed and takes care of the fish. I loved that she helps out more and loves doing it. K has also has learned to play the game memory, the right way, with the cards facing down. She does very well at it.

Dropping dress sizes..

N is back to wearing 12 to 18 months clothes. All the ranning around chasing his sister, saying one of his favorite words, tickle tickle tickle. Has done some good. Though he still has his cute cheeks and very broad shoulders, which have been difficult to find him shirts. N has also learned the words oh no, ahh oh. He loves to say that after he throws his food on the floor or drops his toy in the toilet. I love that he's starting to talk more, makes life easier. He also has learned dow, dow, (down), dog, ball, morr, morr (more), and wa, wa, (water). And my favorite is the kisses.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Home made ketchup anyone?

My friend had so many tomatoes this year, so we decided to try and make homemade ketchup, that way our kids didn't have to eat all the sugar in the store brands. It was so fun, we had over four baskets full of tomatoes. But in the end we only made 12 jars total. Was it worth it? I don't know since it took all day. But it was sure fun and adventurous.

Ring around a rosie...

pocket full of posies, ashes ashes we all fall down.
The cows are in the meadow eating buttercups, we all stand up.

K is so happy that N can finally run with her, jump, and most of all play Ring Around the Rosies.

Waiiiil.. ARrrroeeerrrrr..... Here it comes...

A firetruck to the rescue sporting new, fire department workers. They are small, but they are brave enough to put out anything.

Our little rider..

Giddy up, here comes our little pony rider. Karlie's first time on one and loved it. But her favorite animal is still a Mantee.

Oh, No Monsters! RUN!!

Our inner monsters came out on a rainy day. Karlie loved them so much, and was so proud. She told me what colors and shapes for everything, she even glued everything on all by herself. Then we all dance around in them. Nathan didn't like them so much, and kept taking them off, Karlie was getting so mad at him.


Watch out here they come, they are now free. Karlie has finally accomplished riding her bike all around our parking lot, all by herself. And Nathan has also accomplished with his push toy and walking all by himself. Yeah!