Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas everyone! We had such a wonderful Christmas. Karlie and Nathan were so fun to watch. On Christmas Eve we had dinner with some friends of ours, which was great. And when we came home, home on our front door Santa had already stopped by and left some presents. Our neighbor every year invites Santa to come by and deliver gifts to our street. We were sad we missed him. But the kids were so excited still.
The next Morning Karlie woke us up crying, saying that Santa forgot her. I think she thought he was going to leave the presents in her room. But when she went down stairs she was so excited and so was Nathan (probably because he finally has some boy toys to play with instead of princess stuff).

Here is Nathan in his Thomas costume. Santa has been giving costumes at our house, instead of PJ's. Karlie got mermaid costume last year. This year she got Cinderella.

Daddy gave Karlie a game called "Go Away Monsters". Here they are playing it. Nathan actually loves this game too. We play it three times at least a day.

Just some Random Pics.
Thank you all for the well thought gifts, cards, pictures, and phone calls. We love you and hope your Christmas was as good as ours. :)

Sunday, December 30, 2007


I decided to finally post their pics. They were taken in July, but I was scared to post them due to identity theft. But my mom has posted them on her web page and my friends posted their kids. So I decided not to be so paranoid.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our fish...

I was wrong. Karlie took losing the fish hard. When it was time to feed it in the evening. She got mad at me, for flushing it down the toilet, were pee goes. She wanted her daddy to fix it and for him to get it out of the toilet, were mommy put him. So, the fish could see his new home. We have tried talking about heaven, and he went to be with Jesus, but it's not working. Anyone have any ideas let us know.
I will miss that fish too. He was such a good fish. He lasted many years, people surprised how old our fish was. He even lasted traveling in a hot car for 15 hours in a little Tupperware from Chicago to New Jersey.

Sad day :(..

Our little fish of many, many, years. Just passed away. Due to suffocation. I just got done cleaning his tank. So that we could put his new big house in it, that he got from Santa. And I put him in a plastic bag so that the water could match up temperatures, like always. But this time, I wasn't watching it, and the water fell out and the plastic suffocated him. What a sad day. Karlie and I flushed him down the toilet. Karlie is a little sad, but due to new Christmas toys she doesn't think about it much.

My little sheep

Karlie had the privilege to be the sheep in our ward (church's) Nativity.
She didn't like it though, the whole week before she cried because she wanted to be a princess not a sheep. And on the day of the Nativity, she was sad once again, because she wanted to be Mary, not some dumb sheep. So during the program she kept trying to get on the stage to be Mary.

Karlie and her Friend both were upset at being a sheep. Her friend wouldn't even go up and sit with the other sheep.

Nathan just sitting and loving the Nativity.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our first snow fall...

It was so good to finally get out of the outside and out of the house.

Karlie is teaching Nathan how to make his first snow angel.

Here he is trying to do one.

We haven't bought a sled yet, so we had to use a laundry basket. It worked out surprisingly well.


We went to go see the lights on a little farm and surprise...surprise....
Santa was there. Karlie went right up and told him that she dreams of a princess kitchen. Nathan was so scared, wouldn't even get next to him.

Still a hunk at 32!

Happy Birthday J.R.

Karlie and Nathan made him a big pie, since he hates cake.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not the hair.......

My Nathan hates hair cuts. Today I finally found out why. Now that he is finally able to communicate pretty good. Anyway I've been dreading cutting he's hair cut all month. It grows so fast and is so thick that I finally had to do it. He screamed "STOP IT!" through the whole process and cried and throw a massive tantrum, but when we were done. He went over and pick up his hair and tried to put it back on. He cried and cried, he wanted me to put it back on. So I discovered that he thinks I'm taking part of his body away. Which explains nail trimming, he cries through that too. Also I put him on the potty and he went poo, but after he cried and wanted it back too. But I didn't put it all together! I'm so happy that I know him better, the only sad thing is that I read that kids like this don't potty train well. Oh well, at least for now I know how to help him better.