Friday, June 18, 2010


I sometimes just don't know what to do with her. I can't believe she did this. She ask me at 5pm for Ice cream, I said NO super is going to be in a half an hour.
So you won't believe what she does. We were all playing outside and J.R. was downstairs on the computer. All of a sudden She ran in to the house and locked all of the doors on top of that she lock the downstairs door. Locking dad downstairs and the rest of outside. When she finally let us in, she pretended like nothing was up. Later I found out that she had eaten all of our ice cream sandwiches. I can't believe a 5 year old would think of locking us out so she could get into our freezer and eat ice cream. I'm terrifed for her to become a teenager!

Memorial Parade

Memorial Day was so fun, first we went to our little towns parade. We ment up with some of our best buds. Then we went to some other friends house for a wonderful baraque. Karlie Nathan and Gavin had a blast. Nathan for awhile was a little bit of a mopper, and Gavin keep putting the ball on the cone to hit it. The day couldn't have gone any better, it was prefect.

Preschool Graduation

A super sad day for me, but an exciting one for Karlie and Nathan. I'm so sad that this is Karlie's last year in preschool. I'm going to miss taking her, granted kindergarten is just 3 hours. It just seems that my baby is finally grown up.
The preschool graduation was so cute, they sang about 5 songs, and did one in sign language which is Karlies favorite second language. They also had game areas for each of the kid to have fun at, like make necklaces, bean bag toss etc... They had so much fun. Nathan already can't wait until next year.

Time for a hair cut

I think Nathan's hair is finally getting to long. Time to get it cut for summer.

Mother's Day

This year was the best Mother's Day. Karlie has been waiting for this day for a couple of months. She kept bugging her dad to take her to the store to buy me something. She also planned me breakfast all by herself. She picked out the flowers all by herself too. She told me that she got these because she knew I like all flowers and all colors of the rainbow. How right she was.