Sunday, April 26, 2009

The worst airplane fight EVER!

We decided that we needed to head out to UT to visit Laura, and J.R. could help her.
Over all it went well...I'll post pictures and stories later. The flight there went good, hour ride to the airport, 6 hour plane ride, almost 2 hour ride to cache valley, my three kids were angels! So, I wasn't worried about the flight home. But I should have been. It was the scariest, horriblest flight ever.
1. We get to the airport, flight delayed 1 hour (not to bad)
2. We get in the airplane, delayed 1 1/2 hours (in plane, Gavin starts crying)
3. Bumpy ride due to weather.
4. Get to NJ, can't land because a weather, planes are circling above us, and below.
5. We have to circle in the storm.... for about 1 1/2....have you ever circled in an airplane it's just like a amusement park ride that goes round and round, but this was worse...because of the bumps..the storm..
6. People start throwing up...Nathan starts throwing up, puke everywhere...I had to give J.R. the baby, (poor guy, had to hold the Nathan's Puke, and a sick baby)
7. I get sick...Karlie passes passes out....Nathan passes out...More people throwing up....Plane stinks like puke!! The smell, the smell....
8. We finally land...thinking the worst was over.
10. Get home, the thief already charged stuff to all of our cards.
11. A week without money...except for our emergency cash (thank goodness we had that).

I don't think I'll ever go on a plane again.....


A couple of months ago, J.R.'s Mom, who is in her young 50's and was very active, went into the doctors with a backache and came out with the diagnoses of Pancreatic Cancer with some months to live. We were all in shock. Since most of you know, this is the worse cancer. It spreads so quickly, and fast. So, if you can all prayer for her and send her your blessings that would be great.