Sunday, May 24, 2009

Karlie's Fish Story

Karlie drew this cute fish family.
I ask her about her picture,
she said "there's daddy fish, mommy fish, brother fish, sister fish and baby fish".
Oh, like our family,
she said, "Yes, just like our family, and the sister fish is sad."
So I thought oh she must be trying to let me something. Why is sister fish so sad?
"Because she can't hold baby fish".
Why not?
"Duh, fish don't have arms mom!"
So, I didn't get anywhere, maybe next time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Visiting the Benson's

The whole reason we went to Utah was to see J.R.'s mom, who a few months ago got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. J.R. got to spend almost everyday helping her, and talking with her, that was great for him. We also got to spend a couple hours a day with her. She actually looked a little better by the end of our trip. But she still was in allot of pain.
J.R. and his Mom

J.R's Family: his Dad, MoM and Sister, J.R, Karlie, Nathan and Gavin.

Pictures of Family

Great Grandpa Darley's Farm

While we were in Utah, we went to my grandpa Darleys sort of farm. He has a fish hatchery and pond in which he raises trout, and fields (where cows once roamed) now my cousins horse does.

Picture of Sally and Colt, with two of their friends and us.

Great Grandpa Darly, Barbara (his sweethart) and Gavin

Friday, May 8, 2009

Playing at G. Grandma W.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Great Grandma W

Great Grandma W. and Great Grandpa W. were such sports. They watched my kids for me and was always helping and playing with them. Here is some pics of G. Grandma playing Pretty Pretty Princess with them.

Even Nathan played and had fun. Growing up my brothers and cousins loved to play this game with me too. Who would have guessed that boys love this game too.

Great Grandma W. with Gavin

She actually got mad, because she wasn't looking her best, I thought she looked great.

The Start Of Our Trip pics.....

On our trip in Utah, I was able to meet with some of my really good friends since elementary. We haven't had the chance to hang out in about close to 10 years. It was amazing to see them again and meet thier kids. I sure to miss them.

The pics are of Clisty's cute girls and Meagan's Charming boy.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Black Letter Month

I am just having such a unfortunate month. After a week of no money, we get new bank cards, and one bank has given us our money back. So, I thought, lets go to Walmart and buy some plants, and flowers for the yard. I picked up the kids at preschool and drove up(our Walmart is a good 30 minutes away). It was raining so I had my lights on. And yes, I forgot to turn them off. I was only in there 30 minutes. But it killed the car battery. And I go for my cell phone not there. And J.R. is at a place I don't know the number to. I tried for four hours to get someone to be kind enough to spend two minutes and jump me. I couldn't believe it, I had a crying hungry baby, and my other kids hadn't had lunch and it was getting supper time. And still nobody would stop to help, they either were to busy and had to run into walmart....or was to scared to let someone use jumper cables on their car. Finally, four hours later one kind lady, spent the 2 minutes to help me.
I'm so grateful for her, I wish I got her address, so I could send her something.
I just can't believe what the world is turning into, that only one in hundred would have the heart to help a mother of three crying kids.....I just hope I'm that one that would help.