Thursday, May 22, 2008

My brothers

Jake, Trevor, Buck (the groom), and Colt

Visiting Friends

We did have an opportunity to get away from family and visit some friends. We got to visit and go to church with our friends, the Godfrey's. This is a picture of their little boy. We used to live by them in Chicago. We miss them being our neighbors and are sad that we only get to see them maybe once a year if we are lucky.

Visiting Temple Square

You can tell the trip is wearing on the pregnant woman.

Finally a family pic

This was at the wedding. I'm sad to say this is the only picture we took at the wedding. We didn't even get one of my brother and his new wife. Hopefully someone will be kind and send us some of their pics. The wedding was in Manti. Such a pretty temple. The day was bright and sunny.

Day two...

On day two we met up with the Darleys and went to the Hogle Zoo. We had a blast! We saw a great bird show. We loved spending time with them. There was Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Colt, Uncle Jake, Uncle Trevor, and Auntie. We had fun, but I must admit, Hogle is a dot (they didn't even have a lion) compared to the zoo in Chicago, so for anyone visiting Chicago, I would make it a point to go to their zoo.

Grandpa and Nathan

Day one

The first day in Utah, we met with J.R.'s family (Nana, Papa, Aunt Marcia, Lisa, Connie, Bob, the cousins, Alena, Sam and Blake. We went to this fantastic place a children's museum that was loads of fun. We had a blast hanging with them. We will miss them.

Nana and Karlie Playing together

Papa and Nathan making Music

Being Fishes

Nana and Blake

Nathan brushing teeth, which he does very well at.

J.R. being King

My little Joker

Nathan and cousin Blake doing a duet

Smile Family Picture time!

Going to Utah....

This was Nathan's first time on an airplane and first time to Utah. He loved the mountains. He kept pointing them out every time he saw them, which was all the time.
The trip was an hour drive to the airport, 7 hour flight..... But the kids did great. I can't complain. I was blessed with angels on the trip.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just some fun pic's of our trip

Tagged again

So, I've been tagged 4 times in the past couple of months. All by different tags. So, I decided to go ahead and do one.

5 things I'm thankful for...

1-My kids have never pooped in the bathtub.
2-My husband is a great chef and cleaner
3-I've stopped having morning sickness and baby #3 is doing great
4-Wonderful friends, neighbors and family
5-That nobody stopped by and saw how messy my house got while I was sick.

5 things I was doing ten years ago...

1-having a great time being single
2-working as the head housekeeper at an Inn
3-running miles and miles a day
4-loving being a friend and a big sister
5-driving a huge yellow 1980 Skylark Buick

5 things on my to-do list...

1-Play more with my kids
2-Be a better house keeper
4-Plan a romantic and fun date for my husband
5-Email everyone that I haven't had time for.

5 Snacks I like....

1-Homemade cookies
2-Homemade rolls and breads
3-Homemade fruit shakes
4-Celery, and carrots
5-Sun chips

5 things I would do if I was a billionaire

1- Pay off my husband's medical school loans
2- Buy a house and a van
3- Pay for my family's college and save some for my kids college
4- Donate to the foster care, and homeless shelters, food banks
5- Start my own bed and breakfast, spa Inn

5 Bad habits

1-I'm addicted to the soap, "All My Children"
2-picking doing my blog over cleaning
3-leaving the lights on when I leave a room
4-throwing some cans in the garbage, because I'm
too lazy to clean them out and put them in the recycling bin
5-snacking all day long

5 jobs I've had

1-Manager over the Alzheimer's floor of a nursing home
2-Internship at Harley Davidson, tour guide, store worker, maintence person
3-Lead at Icon, fitness equipment tester
4-Banquet server
5-Factory worker

5 Places I've lived

1- New Jersey
2-Chicago, IL
4- Logan, Wellsvile, Ut
5- St. George, Ut

I think that's it... Maybe in the future I'll do one of the other tags I got. But as for now this has taken too much time. Hope you all enjoy it.