Friday, March 2, 2012

Gavin's Garbage Truck Costume

Gavin since he was 10 months old has been completely in love with Garbage Trucks. He'll sit and watch a garbage truck pick up garbage from house to house for hours.
We thought we would out grow it, but never did. He cried and cried to be one for Halloween, so I decided to make one. It was so easy. And it turned out pretty good for my first time making a Halloween costume.

Pumpkin Picking

Our annual pumpkin picking. We go to Sheafers farm and take a hayride to a massive fields and fields of pumpkins. But this year was a little different, because of hurricane Irene. It ruined all the pumpkin, and squash crops around here. So they the farm bought pumpkins from a store and had them placed in the field to "look" like they had grown there. My kids couldn't tell the difference. But we've never had such prefect orange and round pumpkins before.

Gavin's First Day of Preschool

Everyday, I can't believe how big they get so fast.

Apple Picking

We love NJ! The farms are so beautiful. We went to the Melick's apple grove. They are organic which makes them even better. We picked so many apples. I ended up putting up, 40 large quart size bottles of apples sauce, making 4 large apple pies, and we still had the eat apples all month.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Day of School 2011

Karlie's first day of full day and Nathan's first day of Kindergarten.
They were so excited. Karlie pick her hair do out herself.

Nathan's first Bus ride.

Dad's day out with the kids

J.R. was so nice and took the kids to the aquaruim all day so I could have a day off. What a sweet heart.

Tye Dye Shirts

We went to a friends Birthday Party. My kids made some cute shirts.
Karlie's Daisy, Nathan's Saturn, Gavin's of course is a trash truck.

Balloon Festival 2011

We had the chance again this summer to go to our county's Hot Air Balloon Festival. They had a ton new balloons, but not as many has last year, we also got to go to a magic show and a concert. Very hot day, but worth it.

Nathan 5

Nathan turns five, but since we were on Vacation, when we got back we had him a special dinner and cake.

Visiting Nana's Grave

This was our first time seeing her and being at her grave. We miss her so much, can't wait to someday see her again.