Monday, January 24, 2011


Karlie is now a official Daisy scout. She loves it. It's been so fun for her to finally be around girls!

Potty Power!!

So now that he's two, we have began to potty train, he's just like Nathan was, super easy. So far so good. I still feel bad for potty training Karlie at 18 months it was alot rougher for her. Here is my potty power boy with his cute underwear, I'm sure he's going to be mad later on. He loves to stick his tummy out, like he's showing muscle or something, what a boy.

Gavin's Birthday Day!

Gavin's Two! Well a couple of months ago, I really need to be better at posting. That you can get your blog made into a book. I just had my 2007 year done and it turned out great. So, I need to be better so that book doesn't skip around.
Anyway, Gavin had a wonderful birthday, we had some of his friends over for a play-date small but good.
I can't believe he's two!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nathan's first Crush

We were at Walmart yesterday, and this little girl from Nathans preschool class, came up to him and said "Hello, Nathan". He runs away and hides in a different isle. When I get to him, he crying. I try to come calm him down, and make him go say hi back. This little girl has been in his class for two years now, and they only have a total of 8 kids in his class. So I didn't understand why he was so scared. I thought maybe she had been mean to him, since I know he's so sensitive. But he hid behind me and refused to say Hi. Later that night I finally found out why. J.R. comes home, and I told him the story, he goes up to Nathan and ask him if he thought she was cute and Nathan starts crying and says, "She's so Beautiful!".
I can't believe my four year old, is already shy over a girl.