Saturday, December 25, 2010

A little bit of Christmas

I'll post more of Christmas later. I just didn't want to forget, these moments.
So Karlie goes down stairs to see what Santa gave her, she runs up stairs and wakes us up. "Santa came and guess what he brought me, a toothbrush!!" she was so excited. I was laughing so hard. She didn't care about the toys or all the stocking stuff, just the toothbrush that turns off and on. I couldn't believe it.

Another moment of Karlie was, we were Skyping J.R.'s family. They ask if she had been good so Santa could come and she said, "No, I was totally bad, but he still came, I told my mom he would." Santa probably should have brought her coal.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bears in NJ

It's been a fun year here with bears. Tons of my friends have had black bears coming in and out of their back yards. Finally this month they let hunters go in and hunt them. I'm not sure how I feel, since we are cutting down their homes for our million dollar houses and huge yards, nobody ever plays in or uses, just for looks. Anyway the hunters hunted down 589 bears in our county! I didn't realize we had that many by us.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Touch a Truck

Our favorite town even of the year. I think I counted at least 30 different kinds of trucks where there. They let the kids sit in them, honk the horns, spray the water, and etc.... Gavin this year loved the garbage truck. At our house every Wednesday we watch 40 townhouses get their garbage picked up. 2 hours of my day gone...but he loves it, and next he'll be in preschool and this moment gone. Karlie loved the book mobile. Nathan loved everything.



What a great holiday, my favorite in fact. It's fun, and not stressful. And here in NJ there is so much to do all month. We went to our Grocery stores party, library's, halloween parades at the outlet stores. We still haven't ventured up to ghost towns, the headless horse mans town, or to Salem, Mass. But we plan on doing it next year.

Grandma and Auntie Danielle came to visit!

We love when people come to visit. We had so much fun with them. We already miss them. The kids made some fun rice crispy treats with them. What a great time.


Gavin's loves Choo....Choo..trains. So while Grandma and Auntie was visiting we decided to take a choo...choo...train ride. It was on a 200 year old train from the 1800's. It was rusty but still ran well. It dropped us off on a farm that was a big corn maze. Then they gave us some treasure coins for food, hot chocolate, and toys. So fun!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Very Interesting

I was watching PBS. And some Billionaire was talking about how he runs company.
The interesting part was he did a, what if question? That made me think
The question was
Parents train there kids starting around age 2 to share and be kind to others.
(Which is something I'm working really hard on with Gavin now)
But as a Nation and most other Countries around 5th grade we start teaching our kids to, to be the best in class, sports etc.. to get A's, to score the highest on tests, SATS, to raise above others.

What if we started in 5th grade to continue to teach them to share and be kind to others and to be equal and help others get better along with us.
Would everyone be happier, better team work, would we get more done, would we all be better as a society?

Grow a Row Program

We had so much fun, our County has a Grow a Row Program, which is a garden for the food bank. So Labor day we decided not to just hang out, but teach our kid to do good for others. So we went to the garden and spent over 2 hours picking beans. I was so surprised that my kids lasted that long and helped out so much. And I was surprised how much they loved it.

Karlie's First Day of School

Karlie was so excited for the first day, and so was I. She mostly plays with boys, her brothers, all the neighbors are boys, and she has 10 kids in her church class and she's the only girl! So I thought this was a good chance for her to meet other girls. Wrong, there are 20 kids in her class and only 4 girls and the other kindergarten class has 20 with only 3 girls. Something was in the water here that year.
We are lucky though we got the best kindergarten teacher in the County. Everywhere I go people ask me who she got, and said wow your lucky. Even Nathan's preschool teachers all said that Karlie's teacher has gotten tons of awards.
Her homework everyday is so fun! We go on walks, and do such creative work. She believes in being activity and not sitting down doing worksheets. So she's prefect for Karlie.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Karlie, Nathan, and Gavin

Our camping trip

We were so excited for this trip, we hadn't camped all year. We went to Delaware River which is just gorgeous! But the first night we got there, it rain and rain (I think that it rains every time we go) so we had to put of the tent in the pouring rain, and start a fire, which didn't work to will, but of course the kids didn't care they loved it. We also had some guest, come the first time, a fox, a raccoon, rabbit, but lucky no bears, bears are pretty known here so we were lucky.

Some of our friends joy us up for camping. Lucky them they missed all of the rain. IT was a blast to have them with us, we played tons of games, but the best part is just hanging around the camp fire.

We loved the Delaware River, its so warm, and it had millions of clams at the bottom that all the kids loved collecting.

J.R. trying to teach the kids how to skip a rock.

Gavin loved sitting by the Delaware River and painting rocks, he did it most of the morning.

The only picture I got of them (Luke and Nathan) roasting marshmallows by the fire.

On our way home, our GPS for some weird reason gave us the wrong directions and we realized it to late and got lost. Good thing we still kept good old maps in our car, to help us get out of the mess.