Friday, December 18, 2009


The day started with a preschool party...then went to a big costume parade at the outlets, which after the parade we went trick or treating at the outlets. I was kind of sad that the Chocolate Factory had closed, they always gave out the best things, last year is was a chocolate covered banana's with nuts and carmel...hmmmm..mmm. But they still got allot of candy. Then we were going to go to are churchs trunk or treat, but my kids were feeling good. But we did finish it up with trick or treating around our nieghborhood.

Happy Birthday Karlie

Karlie had a great Big Birthday Party. We had our annual Costume Party Theme.
The kids played pass the pumpkin, find the eye ball, they did the cha-cha-cha, and the best part was decorating cookies. They loved that.
I can't believe she is five years old.

Monday, December 7, 2009

He's growing up so fast

He started walking just before his 1st birthday, now he running. And he can say, mama, dada, nana (banana) no, Hi, done, nathan, kkkk (Karlie). He can sign, done, more, drink, no, up.

My animals

Here in New Jersey, they celebrat the whole month of Halloween.
The grocery stores have the kids come trick or treating there, with crafts, and cake/ice cream. This is what they wore to our grocery. It was so fun. The Library also throws a big halloween bash, but we were to tired to go. We also have two trunk or treats, one with our church and one in the community. We were all trick or treated out by the time the end of the month came. And still even more parties. I'll post those pics later