Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Date in NYC

It so fun be close to fun things. So for a date our friends gave us, to a play in NYC. Lombardi on Broadway , it's about the a Green Bay Packer Coach. We had awesome seats second row. Spit was spraying on us. It had the mom on Who's the Boss, and Ugly Betty, her name Judy Light, and it had Dan Lauria from Wonder Years. GReat Play!

Me just having fun

Here are some pics of NYC

Pics of Time square

Pics of a Beautiful old Church in NYC, it was during St. Patrick's Day.

Daddy Daughter Dance

J.R. and Karlie was so excited to go to this dance. They got their somewhat matching clothes on. But once they go there. Karlie was like, see ya, I don't need you anymore. J.R. was crushed, he kept trying to track her down, for at least one dance. She said she had more important things to do than to dance with her dad. J.R. came home heart broken, they were there 3 hours, and not once did she dance with him. The poor guy just hung out on the wall the entire time. We expected this at maybe at 10years old, but not at six.

Harlem Globe Trotters

We got the chance to see the HGT's so much fun. Well Karlie thought it was so boring, the boys thought it was okay, but J.R. and I liked it.