Friday, September 28, 2007

Pocono Mountains

We decided to check out Penn State Mt's. just beautiful. We went on the 2 1/2 mile hike, which we made into a treause hunt so the kids would have fun. The kids did great, K hiked all by herself most of the way. The hike was the prettiest hike J.R. and I have ever been on. Along the way it had 8 breathtaking waterfalls, it had beautiful scenery, and the tree's were amazing.

K and N at the beginning of the hike, looking at huge animals that had be stuffed.

K is just taking a break inside a tree.

Resting and eating some lunch with a friend, the frog, whom we ment on our treasure hunt.

Just admiring the beauty.

N was getting a little heavy for mom so he got passed off. But I don't think he minded.

Our last break before the treasure hunt was over.
And look what we found.....


are so exhausting.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Atlantic Ocean...

Yeah! We finally made it to the Atlantic Ocean. Just beautiful, with big waves, and millions of sea shells ( I forgot to take a pic of that, we did bring home a bucket full of shells). K and N were so scared of the waves they cried every time they got close the to ocean or if J and I got closed. So most of the time we just played in the sand.

We did try to make a huge sand castle, but N kept destroying it.

K kept making sand angels everywhere. K loved seeing how much sand she could cover herself in.

N playing in the sand.

J tried once more to get K to like the ocean. But soon as he got her there, she took off running.

The wind was great to fly a kite. K did a really good job, flying it all by herself.

I found a wet butterfly in the ocean. So we helped the butterfly by placing it on a seashell by our umbrella, and at the end of our day it was dry. We got the see it fly again.

The board walk, empty, because school started. Not to much fun, but it was still fun to walk up it and just look at everything.

Spruce Run Lake

J finally had a Saturday off, but he had scout duty, so we tagged along. Which, was a good thing, because only one scout showed up and the scout master with his family. So we got to have fun and go canoeing, sailing, and kayaking.

Karlie's first canoe ride, they said she got scared when they got to the middle of the lake.

N wishing he could go.

K going sailing with some friends.

N just playing in the mud.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Our Little Cowboys at the County Fair..

Oh, I mean cowgirl.

Here's our little cowboy.

We had a blast at the fair. They had a huge petting farm. Antique tactors, the oldest we saw was a 1917. The picture isn't of the oldest one, just a random one.
This was the best fair we have ever been to. So not like Cache county.