Monday, October 31, 2011

The Dinosaur Museum

We got to go with Uncle Jake (my brother) the Largest Dinosaur museum, it had so many gigantic bones, I loved it, the kids got bored of it, lucky they had fun stuff for the kids to do. Find a dinosaur bones in the sand. They also got to go their very first 3-D Dinosaur movie, which they liked, a little to educational on the people hunting bones, but oh well. The best part of course is spending time with Uncle Jake.

A great day for a very little hike in UT

My brother Jake took us to amazing beautiful waterfall.
Gavin fell in the water, Karlie wanted to climb to the top, Nathan and I just hung back and enjoyed the view.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Start of our Vacation in Park City UT

This is a pic out the outside of our wonderful hotel Sweet. The sad part was that this hotel room was WAY BIGGER THAN OUR HOUSE! Sad to say I hated to leave it.

Nathan's Pirate Birthday Party

Nathan Birthday was such a blast this year. I love doing themes. I told them them that to become great pirates you had to pass some tests. The tests were, Musical Islands-they had to jump from one island to another without touching the sea, and of course with the music stop the one that didn't have and island was out. We did Carrying Treasure race, had them hold big balloons full of water, they had to run up the hill as a race with out dropping their treasure. Another ones were Throwing the bomb in the the other ship, Pin the X on the map, and of course a great and amazing Treasure Hunt. The Prize was there pirate gear and some loot. I spent so much time planning games, and stuff, I was wore out, so I did Ice Cream Sandwiches and turn them islands. Not my best but, they still turned out cute.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nathan's Preschool Graduation

Can't believe my little boy is so big. They did a great job of singing, and they did a little show. But favorite part is when the kids tell what they want to be when the grow up. Some what to be superheros, princesses, and Nathan wants to only be a dad. Which I love.

1st Year Daisy Graduation

I'm new at this G.S. thing. But I'm so glad that Karlie did it.
Our church is so spread out here, there is no cub scouts and activity days.
So, I decided to to G.S., so much fun! Here is Karlie's troop, what a great group of girls.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Grandma trying to be a kid again.

This is what happens when Grandma's try out the razor scooter.

Look at my stuff Sale

Karlie heard of some Friends having a garage sale, she wanted to do her own. So she got all her stuff outside.
FOR KARLIE'S LUK AT my STUFF Salle . She didn't want anyone to really buy it, just look.

Grandma's Surprise Visit

What a great 30th Birthday. I had a huge group of friends all go to dinner, which was great. But the best part was that J.R. surprised me by flying out my mom.